The Bridal Edit II

Your wedding can be the most lavish event of your lifetime. It’s easy to understand why. We want to look and feel our most beautiful. We want the venue to be perfect and the flowers to be breathtaking. We want the food to be plenty and for everyone to enjoy themselves. But, going above and beyond on your big day comes at a cost. Consider: 

  • The budget for the average American wedding is more than $25,000, with many significantly higher 

  • A single wedding can produce more than 50 tons of carbon emissions—more than double the carbon footprint of the average American for an entire year 

  • A ceremony and reception accommodating 100 guests can result in 400 to 600 pounds of waste 

You shouldn’t feel forced to aspire to excess simply for the sake of commercialized tradition—it’s your wedding and you should feel empowered to celebrate how you wish. We encourage you to think simply, be less wasteful, and more conscious in celebrating you and your partner’s love story in sharing the following tips: 

  1. Transportation is the most carbon-intensive aspect of weddings. While you can’t change where invited guests live, there are a few ways to minimize the environmental impact. Stay local, if possible, and encourage guests to carpool. Get married at the courthouse and hold a small post-ceremony gathering nearby. Say “I do” in the backyard of a friend’s house or a park within walking distance of the hotel that out-of-towners will be staying. Skip the elaborate buffet and enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurant with just close family and friends. These suggestions are obviously more manageable for couples with a smaller guest list, but you can certainly take cues in planning a larger event. 

  2. Flowers are pretty, but they aren’t essential. Imported flowers are also notorious for being carbon-intensive. For this editorial, our bride modeled with Texas-grown, seeded Eucalyptus, with only four stems used to create this earthy look. We didn’t add ribbon or any other embellishments, and her bouquet was still perfect! There are many other eco-friendly options to consider, but we’re happy to paint a picture of what simple can mean for florals. 

  3. Finding the right dress is part of the wedding journey, but the search for a brand-new, ethical bridal gown can be extremely challenging. There are very few that we’ve found, and those we have are quite expensive. Vintage wedding attire is beautiful and unique. Go this route, if possible. Borrow jewelry from beloved family members or piece together your perfect ensemble from stunning secondhand finds. Maybe wearing the same wedding dress your mother or grandmother wore is an option for you. And who says you have to wear a dress at all? Yes, ladies, you can tie the knot in pants if that’s your personal style!  

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